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What is a good virtual CD drive?

I have 3 games that require the CD to play, and there have been many times i put in the CD, and the drive vanishes. It disappears as if unplugged. It is built in, so it should not do this.

I have to shut done the laptop, open it up and poke around, no idea why, then it shows up and starts working again.

I would prefer to be able to play my games without having to dismantle my laptop so many times, so I decided I would try to get a virtual drive. Preferably one I can put on the secondary hard drive(E drive) so I do not fill up C drive and cause to computer to get any slower.

I looked online and there are many options, but I decided I would ask for recommendations from people who may already use virtual drives so I would know what ones are good.

I use Windows 7, if that matters.

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    If you have a CD/DVD of something...use software to create an ISO image of the CD/DVD. This is a giant FILE that can then be "mounted" in windows so the machine see the CD/DVD as a drive. You can mount a whole munch of CD/DVDs if you want. Just give them different drive letters.

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  • 9 months ago

    With no clues what "laptop", what game or games, no guessing. And yes, Win 7 OS information might help.

    Source(s): Some programs like Flight Simulator need the CD in drive. There are hacks to simulate that.
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