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Victor asked in Cars & TransportationAircraft · 9 months ago

Are airline pilots obligated to use autobrake or can they brake manually if they want?

From I have seen on YouTube videos they always make the call for autobrakes after touchdown

3 Answers

  • 9 months ago
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    Brakes and tires get tremendous wear, which can be minimized by computer control. That might save a lot in maintenance and parts. Skidding can be almost eliminated. Autothrottle and thrust reversers are a big help on large aircraft.

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  • 9 months ago

    Autobrake reduces the workload on the pilots when coming into busy airports. Things sometimes get a wee bit hectic

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Depends upon the company policy. Autobrake is more efficient than manual braking. However not all aircraft have the facility.

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