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Is Venus opposite or square Neptune usually a deal breaker?

I read about this aspect being unromantic or a theme of having a one sided attraction. I’ve only experienced the encounter twice. The first one is when my Venus opposite his Neptune, there were other synastry aspects in our charts that indicated strong physical attraction which I found hard to believe because I didn’t find him attractive at all but he did. The other guy was a similar situation where we had aspects indicating hot sexual attraction but again my Venus would square his Neptune and it was obvious he was into me and I was not. Is this usually the case? And is it Neptune who finds the Venus person attractive but the Venus person doesn’t?

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    Neptune is in a sign for about 15 years so there'd be a huge age difference in each Neptune person between your Venus square or opposed to their Neptune. Because of your Venus placement it's likely you'll mostly get this synastry with people of the age group you tend to mix with but it is said to be a strong synastry connection but may tend to be a bit of an unconventional type of relationship, or a bit weird maybe in some sort of way. If the people you mix with are similar in age to yourself then it's likely you have Venus in aspect to Neptune in your chart which would suggest you maybe tend to be attracted to the type of person mentioned anyway but other things in your chart don't necessarily go along with this sort of thing perhaps.

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