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I have tiny tonsil stones but my tonsils aren't swollen,I don't see them in my tonsils, but I have bad breathe. What is causing this.?

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    One known reason is poor dental hygiene, i.e., not regularly brushing and/or flossing, and not going to the dentist regularly, to remove plaque build up. Although not the only cause, people who are prone to chronic tonsil stones, usually have unhealthy levels of oral anaerobic bacteria that is implicated in many other dental/oral health issues such as tooth decay, gum disease and cavities. One study has found that tonsil stones are similar to the dental plaque that causes cavities and gum disease. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/315026.p...

    Other than that, if it is an anatomical issue, and have gone to the doctor and recommended treatments didn't work, the last resort option would be to get a tonsillectomy. I had my tonsils removed, not for tonsil stones, but for chronic tonsillitis, and being susceptible to getting strep, and although getting them removed was super painful as an adult (it hurts more when get your tonsils removed if you're older, since they are larger) I have never regretted it and never get sore throats anymore, and when I do, they always seem relatively minor, compared to when I had tonsils.

    If you haven't seen anybody for this yet, you can ask your dentist, or primary care doctor, and if their treatments don't help, maybe your regular doctor can refer you to an ENT, unless you have insurance that allows you to go see one directly, but I'd start with the regular dentist/family practitioner first to see what they recommend, and if should be referred to an ENT.

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    those 'stones' are dead germs that your body has killed to protect YOU !!!!

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