What is your pet peeve working at a gas station / quick stop store?

Ive been working the gas station life for 7yrs now & I HATE everything about it, especially the customers. They could change the most nicest happy people into the most negative mean people FAST. I’m graduating college next month so i won’t be here much longer! Now that Im near my end of it I thought it would be fun to share all my pet peeves I accumulated over the years & its ALOT of them. Please share some of your pet peeves!!!!!!! For starters seeing the same faces EVERYDAY, having the same conversations (“hi welcome, how are you, find everything ok”) got old real fast. The dirty looks and being ignored when I asked how they was my favorite... but those same people worked get mad if you didn’t say anything at all. People who put their money on the counter instead of my hand then got upset when I did it to them. People who give you 10+ dollars in change & expect you to count it instead of doing it themselves. They complain about our prices yet STILL buy it or keep coming in, wasting my time listening to someone who’s gonna get it anyway. They see an EMPTY hotbox & ask “no food, no chicken sandwich” .... OBVIOUSLY NOT. People who ask me to make them a specialty biscuit / or food for the next morning then don’t show up causing me to throw it away then they come in the next morning after complaining about not having way they asked for. They expect me to let them slide 5¢+ as if I’m a money bank and I’m obligated to be like it’s fine go ahead. . I could go on and on lol

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  • 10 months ago

    Yeah, that all sucks ...but I agree with David. You're doing well if you haven't gotten robbed and killed.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    I'd be more scared of robberies than anything else. Almost as bad are hordes of young punks who just walk in, take whatever they want, then walk out. I've never worked in a convenience store; but, from what I've seen on the news, I certainly wouldn't want that job!

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