My switch won’t turn on anymore does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Three days ago my switch suddenly turned on by it self with an error message and I wondered why but didn’t think much of it at the time and turned off my switch.Soon when I wanted to play again I realized that my switch wouldn’t stop freezing and it was every time I would turn on my switch.It would show the error screen or the switch would just freeze and I had to keep turning it off and on until it eventually started working sorta.It soon started to have a problem with my right joycon and it started to drift meanwhile it wouldn’t even drift in the menu but only when it’s in a game.So I decided to go and disconnect my controllers and when it happened I went to connect back my controllers and only one would connect the left one.I soon began to realize that whenever I would remove the right joycon from the switch it would freeze for some reason.Then I soon disconnected my left joycon and they would never be able to connect again.The removal of the joycons would just make the switch freeze for some reason and I wondered why but soon I also did notice that my switch made a weird sound.The next day my switch would not even work, it doesn’t turn on at all and yes I have tried holding the power button for 12,15,20,25,30, seconds and 1 minute even but that doesn’t seem to work.Im afraid that I will need to send it to Nintendo soon but the problem is my family suffers financially and I’m also afraid that if I send it all my data and work on the switch will be gone.Somebody please help

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  • 12 months ago

    An Error message is important. What the message said would give you a lot more information than we could.

    So, off the top of my head I'd say you're looking at some sort of technical issue that cannot be fixed by 'fiddling' with it. You'd do best to take it to tech.

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