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Need help removing recent pee stains or else my dog might get adopted?

My dog recently peed on a 200$ carpet and my parents are beyond mad. I recently got a baby brother too so they kinda stopped caring about my dog. They’re going to throw it away because getting it professionally cleaned would cost more then the carpet itself. Is there anyway I can clean it myself?? I have around 500$ from saving up in the past 4 years and I really love my dog. Hopefully cleaning the carpet and them not throwing away will change their minds about getting him adopted tomorrow, I’m certain they’re serious about it because my dad said something I never thought he would during breakfast. He told my dog to go die and stop asking for food. Please help!

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  • 11 months ago

    1) Not your dog. You're a CHILD so it is THEIR dog.

    2) You live in THEIR house with THEIR dog. If they don't want this dog destroying things since you haven't bothered to housebreak it and probably NEVER take it on walks they have EVERY right to do so.

    What good will cleaning the carpet do now when the dog will just do it AGAIN? If they have a baby it's crawling around on the ground and will crawl right through this dog's ****.

    Maybe next time you cry and cry and whine and WHINE to get a pet you "need" you'll actually take time to TRAIN it so you'll be able to keep it next time.

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  • Karen
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    11 months ago

    You're a child. It's not your dog. Children can't own property.

    Your father could also be charged with felony animal abuse.

    The dog will be in a better place if it's not in a home with your parents.

    • Jimmy6 months agoReport

      “Felony animal abuse”????????? What is your game Karen? Why do you go on every ******* question and try to scare people with saying **** like this? I’m genuinely curious, why?

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  • 11 months ago

    Yeah, you can clean it yourself. I have done this many times with my dogs!

    Go to the pet store and get a bottle of Nature's Miracle. How big a bottle depends on how big the pee stain is.

    If you happen to have a wet/dry shop vacuum, that will make it easier.

    Pour clean water [no soap] on the rug, then towel dry it or vacuum it up. Do this 2 or 3 times to get as much pee out as you can. Then pour Nature's miracle on it and let it air dry. Don't towel dry it or vacuum it up.

    When this is done, look at it and smell it to see whether it is all the way clean. If not, you have to use the NM again, and more of it this time, because it is probably because it didn't soak in as far as the pee did.

    Actually, you can do this with white vinegar, which is cheaper but more work. Instead of NM, pour white vinegar on the carpet, towel or vacuum it dry. You have to do this more times than you do with the NM. Leave the vinegar on the carpet 15 to 30 minutes at least, each time. And when you believe the stain is all gone, you have to dissolve some baking soda in water and soak it with that to get out the vinegar smell. It only takes a few minutes to neutralize the vinegar smell.

    If the carpet is wool, make sure you dry it flat, so that it doesn't get mis-shapen as it dries.

    Dogs will tend to pee where they have peed before, and any residual pee scent will make them even more likely to. They can smell it even when you can't; so it is important to get the scent all the way out.

    BTW If the carpet is wool, steam cleaning will wreck it. It could also set the stain and make it permanent.

    Also, this method will clean up your baby brother's pee stains just as well, when this becomes necessary! It cleans poop stains as well.

    It sounds like your parents are under a lot of stress. Once you have mastered the art of cleaning up pee and poop, you can help with the baby too.

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  • 11 months ago

    But its not your dog

    It belongs your parents. You allowed the dog to **** all over the carpet and now they have a child that will be crawling around in dog ****

    They can give the dog away if they want since they own it. They are not going to stave the dog, they said that out of anger but they are going to give the dog away since you allow it to **** all over the house.

    If the **** is soaked into the padding then there's no way to get it out with out removing the carpet and replacing it and the carpet. Best to just replace the carpet and since you have a so called 500$ then you need to replace it

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  • TK
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    11 months ago

    Their are many carpet cleaners available at the store. Bissel makes a good product that cleans the stain as well as removing the odor that stimulates the dog to use the same spot again - which helps you with house training.

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  • 11 months ago

    It depends on the carpet. The easiest cleaner to get & use yourself is Nature's Miracle and it is sold in most pet supply stores (like Petsmart, Petco) - call & ask.

    If this is an ORIENTAL carpet; look for cleaners of THAT TYPE of carpeting if you need the job done more professionally, than the Nature's Miracle (after you try it, per the directions).

    If this is an area rug or wall to wall carpeting then looking into getting the carpet STEAM CLEANED. You can rent machines OR you an have a company (like Stanley STEEMER) come. Professional cleaning might be best, because of the new baby - who will begin to crawl but technically (if I were YOUR PARENTS) I would want every floor surface professionally cleaned, even if the dog did not have an accident - if I was going to let the baby crawl...... on ANY of it.

    BTW, it is ILLEGAL and (a chargeable CLASS ONE Felony) of DOG ABUSE to withhold food or vet care to a pet. You have to choose... whether to take over the expenses of the dog, to re-home it (on your own) or to record & report any abuse in the home, if your parents OWN the dog ( = they do, if you are not 18).

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