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What would be just about the only way you would be naked in public?

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  • Anonymous
    11 months ago
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    Only with about 5 bags of heroin running through my veins.

  • 11 months ago

    The only way I've been naked in public IS AFTER I TOOK OFF ALL MY CLOTHES .The same as everybody else DOOFUS.

    Thats only happened a few times at biker campgrounds when I rode by a cardboard party naked sign next to a big bonfire.

    Dont see many party naked signs anymore since S Dakota outlawed open campfires in the late 90's

  • 11 months ago

    wellllllllllll. went skinny dipping on Copacobana beach in Rio once...........

    walked out of a club at about 3 am, blind drunk........and was gonna head back the hotel but the Brazilian babe I was with had Other ideas, and dragged me to the beach, where she just stripped off and jumped in........

    soooooooo, when in Rome and all that.............so I did the same and followed her in...........and a good time was had by all, until we came out of the water........and realized my wallet was stolen.

    No worries, as I had spent most of the money I had on me that night.......(it was 3 am!) ....but just then, as we're standing there naked, trying to get re-dressed...........two cops approach us........and I am like.........Oh Good, maybe they caught the wallet thief!

    doyyyyyyy!!!!!!! (I mentioned we were pretty blotto'ed right? )

    they kindly escort us to their squad car , and tell the girl, in Portugese, that basically we're under arrest for public nudity. Then the cop not driving, turns around, and does that international hand gesture of rubbing your fingers together......meaning........Got any money?

    ahhhhhhh, a shake down.

    well, I had the girl explain, that my wallet was stolen........while we were skinny dipping, but he just kept making the gesture, as we drove around a bit.

    So I turned all my pockets inside out, and some small bills and coins tumbled out, and I was like...............That's it, bro......... it's 3 am.....we spent it all in the club! Take or leave it.

    So he took it, and pulled over and threw us out, since they weren't getting anything more.

    Now, had I been sober.........I might have remembered that I had an Emergency $100 bill rolled up in one of my film cannisters, ....but whoops..............totally slipped my mind.

    as fate would have it.......as they were driving around, trying to shake us down, they actually stopped pretty much right near our hotel.

    So nice of them to give us the lift, for the few bucks I still had in my pockets.

    That was the only time I ever appeared naked in Public...........

  • 12 months ago

    If for whatever reason, I can either die or be naked in front of the whole world, I'd choose to be naked.

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  • 12 months ago

    Never!! Haha , that’s just wrong

  • 12 months ago

    If there was a NEED for a "FULL MOON" that NIGHT!!!...........😂😂😂😂

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    12 months ago

    I can assure you it only EVER happened once. I was taking a dip with two mates in Wocar Reservoir, it was a hot HOT evening in July of 56. I had been visiting my grandma who only lived about a mile down the road. We walked the mile and when we approached the reservoir I guess we just couldn't resist it.

    My two mates kept their underpants on but I stripped bullock naked and the three of us jumped in. We didn't see anyone around at the time but once we stared swimming around I saw some people walking along the foot path. We had hidden our clothes WE THOUGHT.

    After 15 min's we decided to pack it in and swan to the side, now this reservoir had signs up all over warning people not to swim, was this because of the very VERY large pike that were known to live in the murky waters? Of course after 15 min's we had cooled orf but it was a shock to find that our clothes had been nicked.

    My two mates were ok because they had their underpants on, I on the other hand were bullock naked. Smiles all round? I guess. They buggered orf one way, home just over the rise, I walked towards the farm house hoping I might nick a pair of pants orf the line outside. I was in luck but, they were not pants, there were bloomers.

    Ok! 20min's later I made it to my grandmas. You have to remember I was only 12 years old and people seeing a 12 year old boy almost naked just didn't seem to bother them. It bothered my gran though and I got the belt later for dad. ;-( True story...…….

  • 12 months ago

    A nude beach .

  • Jill
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    12 months ago

    Physical force....

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    Unless there is some kind of genocide coming after fascists take over our country, it ain't happening.

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