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Lifting weights post assault hurt my muscle?

I lifted a 15 kg bag and this is now 10 months after the assault. The pain has completely come back after the torn muscle. I also don't know as my mother talking about it is not helping me being that she keeps mentioning the trauma so I'm getting the nightmares.

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    That's quite likely going to be a permanent injury for you. Even though it heals to a point, the strength and resilience isn't there like it used to be. You'll just have to be mindful when lifting, working or exercising.

    Sometimes the right sports or remedial therapist can be useful, but just as often they are of no value at all.

    Your mum is trying to be helpful by talking it through. However it seems being constantly reminded of the event renews the trauma for you. Keep in mind, the nightmares may have occurred whether the event was discussed or not.

    It's possible you will require some PTSD therapy.

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      I think surgery is the only remedy.

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