What are some amazing facts about Lok Sabha?

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  • 10 months ago

    Lok Sabha formed one of the cores of the Indian Parliament.

    After gaining independence in 1947 it was decided to have a democratic status for future India where people could express their views through their representatives.

    This house is also regarded as the voice of India, as it is constituted by the representatives of the people who represent the demands of the people; the latest issues as well as the queries of the common man.

    Till 2009 there have been 15 Lok Sabha elections.

    Constitution of India has limited the composition of Lok Sabha up to a maximum of 552 members including not more than 20 members representing the people of Union Territories and only 2 members from the Anglo-Indian community if the president finds it less represented.

    The regular tenure of Lok Sabha is for five years if not disturbed due to some emergencies as in case of Proclamation of Emergency when the tenure will be extended for one year.

    The total elective membership is distributed among the States in such a way that the ratio between the number of seats allotted to each State and the population of the State is, so far as practicable, the same for all States.

    Lok Sabha divides its work into three sessions all through the year.

    Budget Session: February to May

    Monsoon Session: July to September

    Winter Session: November to December

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  • 10 months ago

    I've never heard of it ,them or whatever ?

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