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What's going on with Katy Perry?

Is she being accused of sexual harassment? what's going on?

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    I guess she's letting people hear her ROAR. ?

  • DJC
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    3 months ago

    More than harassment. Katy Perry is being accused of sexual misconduct... again. This time, it's from her costar from a music video of hers. Apparently, in 2011, Katy Perry and her costar were hanging out at a rollerskating rink with a group of people for someone's birthday. At some point during the party, it is alleged that Perry pulled down the actor's pants and underwear in front of the group of people exposing his unmentionables. This story broke on August 13. It is worth mentioning that this isn't a criminal or civil accusation (yet); it is just an Instagram post.

    It is also worth mentioning that this isn't the first time someone has accused Katy Perry of sexual misconduct. It's the third. Apparently, there was a contestant on "American Idol" that Perry kissed without his permission. He wasn't happy. And there was a Russian TV host who Perry tried to assault at a party, but she was able to fight her off.

    I'm not surprised by these allegations and I believe her accusers. I've long believed that she isn't a good person and this kinda confirms it. I'll put these three instances in the sources.

    Source(s): Pulls down pants of actor Kisses "American Idol" contestant w/o permission Tries to assault TV host at party
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