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I got a cartilage piercing today, but I didn t know that using a gun was BAD.Should I take out the piercing or wait for results?Please help!?

1 Answer

  • Laura
    Lv 7
    7 months ago

    Take out the piercing and care for the wound so it closes up quickly.

    Go to the drugstore and get sterile saline wound wash spray, this should be near the bandages. The only ingredients should be sodium chloride and water. Get some sterile gauze pads too. Saturate a gauze pad with the spray, and hold it on the front and back of the wound. Soak the wound for 5 - 10 mins. Do this morning and evening until it has fully closed up. It should close up quickly, but you don't want to just ignore it and let it get infected then have that infection close up and get stuck inside your ear.

    You will need to wait for this to be fully healed, inside and out, before you can get repierced. This will take at least a year, if not more. Normally scar tissue takes 12 - 18 months to fully heal and settle, but guns cause a ton of damage to the cartilage, so I would wait at least 18 months before you even think of getting it repierced.

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