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So you think my sisters bad mouthed me again?

I have half sisters on my dad side. Over the past few years I’ve been having doubts about their loyalty to me. sister 1 who was 36 at the time lost her dog and my friend saw the dog at someone’s house and I told her. She didn’t find her dog and blamed me and stopped talking to me for 12 years. We found out my brother an addict sold the dog and my friend had actually saw the dog with the “new owner”. My brother is her blood siblings.

I live in America They don’t and I visit home. My step mother got a stroke and I went to visit her. Another sister sister 2 saw me there and asked me in front of the other visitors why am I here? I thought she meant why was I in the country cause I grew up in that house so I said well this is my home meaning my country. She embarrassed me in front all the visitors and said this is not your home. She wants a green card.

In addition to this two people have confronted me on two separate occasions saying that two other sisters sisters 3 and 4 were bad mouthing me in front of strangers that they don’t like me. A month ago another person got in contact with me saying the same thing. Problem is I stopped talking to my sisters 10 years ago. My sisters contacted me out of the blue saying the person is crazy and I should ignore them and are eager to know if guy contacted me and telling me not to answer his call. But this is the third time it has happened. And yes they have also asked me for a green card and I was in the process of starting it.

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    i think its possible

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