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Sam asked in PetsDogs · 9 months ago

Help with changing over from old dog food to new?

I’ve gone and purchased a brand new dog for me and my grandmother.

The owners provided everything except from old dog biscuits.

I asked them two days ago and yesterday if they could provide some of old dog biscuits. I asked them again today to triple check it’s there. They said yes. However when I got home, I checked everything and they forgot to add it there.

Our dog biscuits is different to there’s. What can I do to reduce my new dog from getting an upset stomach.

All they’ve told me about their old dog food is it has to be grain free. Ours is grain free and it’s biscuits they get from Woolworths

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago
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    When you change foods a safe way is to do 4 days of 1/4 new dog food to 3/4 old food, then next 4 days flern that half new food to half old food. The next 4 days after that do 3/4 new food to 1/4 old food then after that all new food will be fine, the dogs tummy should have acclimated by now on the new food.

    Does the dog have a grain allergy duh ad corn, wheat etc? If not a plain flavored hard biscuit such as the plain, not chewy, not basted, not flavored milk bones - just the plain whitish original flavor are usually well tolerated by most dogs unless there is a grain allergy. When I have new dogs come in I have never had problems with the dogs acclimating to them, if I have a sensitive stomach dog I start with about 1/4 a biscuit to at the most a half biscuit, however I wait until about a week after the food change is donebefore I try. S y ttype treats. If I absolutely need a treat or two I grab a few of the new pieces dog food kibble sndisr Thor’s ad a temporary treat. Most of the dogs fall for them as treats or I use baby carrot or two if they r fuse the kibble. All my dogs for whatever reason love fruits and vegetables like green beans, corn (minus the cob) broccoli, and many others, they are usually gathered out at the berry bushes chewing off all the berries that are ripe before I can pick them.

    Your dog should do well on the gradual food change over, ask the previous owner the brand name of the biscuits they fed then say have a great day if they get upset. If not ask if the grain free diet was vet ordered or they are doing it for the dog hoping to keep him healthier longer.

    Good luck with everything, th dog will do great in such a caring home.

    • Sam9 months agoReport

      The dog isn't allergic to grain free biscuits at all
      The previous owner had the dog on grain free biscuits however the owner didn't provide them too me, after I politely asked.

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  • Maxi
    Lv 7
    9 months ago

    If they are getting biscuits from woolworths then they are cheap junk anyway and I wouldn't worry about same ones

    • Sam9 months agoReport

      They are definitely biscuits from Woolworths

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