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Is there any way to play pc games on a Chromebook?

I knew I should have went with my daughter when she went to buy her son a laptop.. he loves games and one of those games does not have an app in the app store. I have not been able to find a way to place pc games into the Chromebook, ty for the help and if not then I guess we will be returning it tomorrow.

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  • 9 months ago
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    With Chromebooks, you will NOT be able to run standard PC games as it's running on Google's Chrome OS. HOWEVER, many Chromebooks have Android support. This will allow you to play Android games that your Chromebook's system specs supports (as Google checks this before allow you to purchase & install apps).

    However, many Android games are typically better geared for tablet & mobile phones than a traditional keyboard & mouse... so you may not want to play such games on your Chromebook. Please be aware that Chromebooks also tend to have little storage space (16 -64 GB's flash-based storage) as the system is geared to be lightweight & online most of the time.

    Please be aware that many stores have a VERY LIMITED RETURN POLICY (typically 15 days), so you will need to act fast! Additionally, laptops that are capable of playing most games (mid-range to high-end) tend to run around $800 - $1500. However, if you're willing to make considerable compromises (most casual & some mid-range), you could get away with a system for around $400 & up. You may want to talk to a store associate with considerable computer knowledge to get a reasonable recommendation (as a good associate will try to make recommendations based on your usage & desired budget).

    Hope this clear things up!

    • Hakuouki9 months agoReport

      Ty! I think I found 3 good choices, 2 are laptops and one is a desktop but it could work for its price and what it offers. The laptops are in the legion y530 and y540, the desktop is a pretty good price I think, it is a Alien Ware gaming pc. They are 700+ but I am willing to pay the extra bucks.

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  • 9 months ago

    is it an actual laptop or one of those tablets you can connect to a keyboard and they "say" is a laptop? i assume it's an actual laptop but without a disk drive. in this case all you need to do if you want to download a game via a disk you already have or planning to buy is just buy a external cd drive. you MUST make sure it is compatible with the computers OS ( operating system ) they will tell you on the box. it usually just plugs into a USB and you set it up and thats it.

    you can always download pc games online ( this is the current way for obtaining games, it is cheaper as you don't need to pay for gas to go to the store or sales taxes sometimes and they typically have a lot of sales ) you can check out that is a very popular site for download games they have free or pay to play games as well. or you can go to the games actual website and they might have an online store to purchase what we call a "digital copy" do NOT buy from 3rd party sellers though as there are many sites that will sell you "cd keys" for games to play but the keys are either usually used or not real keys at all.

    you did not state what game he is trying to play but almost every single game has a digital copy you can just download online after purchasing that is how it goes now a days instead of buying cd's

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    • Hakuouki9 months agoReport

      .but again you cannot play a game on the Chromebook if it is not from its app store, or from the android app store, and there is a way to cross other app stores even from Microsoft and apple into the Chromebook...but again they are all from app stores. And I am not even sure if all apps can cross.

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