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Will Donald trump's stock market be down 800 points on Monday or worse, trading will be halted during program trading?

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  • A.J.
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    4 months ago
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    Using S+P 500 as a broader measure than the Dow, Obama administration of 832 to 2280 in 8 years was 21.8% per year and Trump from 2280 to 2847 is only 9.6% per year and falling now. Obama gave Trump a healthy economy and Trump picks out some selected data and say things are great but economists have been reporting that Trump's economy is fragile and unstable and a stupid tweet of "pull out of China" to US Companies involves hundreds of billions of dollars of investment and building skills that don't exist and takes many months to build the factories and train people to run them. Trump is trying to use 1960's and 1970's tactics in a whole new world and he is clueless about the people and nature of China. They are a market of over a billion people that some US companies have begun to develop and Trump is killing years of relationships to become an isolationist nation. We, as a country, are not able to manufacture without massive investments in infrastructure, education and the skills and experience, and modern factories. It is no longer a massive low skill labor in manufacturing and instead is semi-skilled and skilled workers.

    Trump mentions nothing about building factories and infrastructure and education and training for 21st Century jobs and the costs of mobility that people would have to move from urban cities to small cities outside urban areas.

    I projected a stock market collapse and major company layoffs under this asinine administration touting obsolete techniques that fail. China is capitalist now as an operating manufacturing economy. Their government owns pieces of businesses in a whole new economic structure.

    Though Trump went to Wharton as a fine business school, reports are that he ignored most of the subjects, and even so, it was so long ago the knowledge is obsolete.

    Trump's supporters are generally low education and do not understand macroeconomics and instead listen to Trump's selected numbers and false conclusions about them.

    We do not have a healthy economy built on the Middle Class. The working poor have been cheated since 1980 and middle incomes barely kept up with inflation. The country's growth since 1979/1980 has all gone to the top 20% and that is not sustainable. The rich are pulling out now and markets collapsing.

    That's the true Trump effect. I hope his supporters enjoy unemployment insurance and food stamps because that is the direction Trump is putting them.

    Halting trading only stops the clock. It doesn't fix an economy owned by the wealthy.

  • August
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    3 months ago

    Good guess and you could be right

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Democratic halfwit.

  • gerald
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    4 months ago

    1929 blown up like a balloon you burst and you aint got the sense to learn you have repeated everything

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    I thought democrats hated Wall st?

    Most of your POTUS candidates are running on destroying it.

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    The markets have been reacting with fear the last couple of weeks. At some point, they will settle down.

    I think after a weekend to cool off, you'll see the markets recover 200 to 300 points on Monday.

  • ioerr
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    4 months ago

    if i really thought i could tell what the market was going to do 2 days from now, i guess i'd be a lot richer. or a lot poorer.

    anyway, i'd guess that when trump feels a little too much political heat coming from this he'll mumble some conciliatoy bs or other to mollify wall street a little and the situation will more or less stabilize again, for a while, until his next tantrum

    that seems to be the pattern with him up to this point i think

  • 4 months ago

    Yes considering Trumps followers are being let down by his actions, most are regretting that they voted for him.

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