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Can someone explain what Elizabeth Holmes exactly do and what are her crimes?

I've only heard about the case although not sure exactly what happened.


Thanks for the informative note. That's just baffling. I don't think she's 'sexy', deception and lies always makes someone look very ugly and do become ugly because of it. What she did wasn't right at all, it was wrong on so many levels about a technology that never existed that many very specialized people worked on to design such technology thinking it was possible especially when they believed the foundation was solid and truthful. Thank you for sharing.

Update 2:

I don't like her look or aesthetic fashion and the black color. Its just not that appealing. I don't like her annoying fake voice and the way her eyes pop out without blinking.

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    In a nutshell: she dropped out of Stanford University and with another partner started a blood testing company called Theranos, claiming to be able to detect cancers and high cholesterol with just a few drops of blood. She added another partner, and the three of them raised so much money from investors, that the company's value was raised to $9 billion.

    But, soon the testing and results were being challenged by the FDA for inaccuracies, and the Securities and Exchange Commission began investigating the company for investor fraud. The company was exposed as a fraud, the shut down. She ran the company like Steve Jobs ran Apple: she was very secretive, demanding, and controlling as CEO of Theranos. She had powerful investors and friends who helped her create this company, which never delivered on its promises.

    The only reason I know about her is because I remember seeing her being interviewed on business networks, in online articles, and news channels about the strength of her company, and the opportunities for investors. And, I saw the end coming because of the ongoing investigation. But, I couldn't help notice how sexy she was, and that got my attention along with her being worth over $4 billion. She's very sexy.

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