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How do I control my emotions when I'm tired or hungry?

Hi everyone,

I noticed that when I am tired from a difficult or long task (ex walking too far or working for a long time), I become very tired and it shows from my facial expression, speed, and attitude.

I feel sluggish and unable to have a good mood.

My mother is very upset when I behave this way, and she always tells me to control my emotions and even if I'm tired or hungry, still smile, laugh, and have lots of energy.

It's very difficult for me to smile and laugh when I'm so tired and hungry.

How can I control my emotions despite being tired or hungry?

Thank you

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    Well, at least you recognize the cause of your cranky moods. Many people don't, believe it or not.

    What most folks do when they're in that state of mind, is step back, mentally, and tell themselves that it'll soon be over, they'll get the chance to have a meal and get some rest. They make every effort to tough it out meanwhile, rather than make excuses. Sometimes they have to apologize, most sincerely, when they've popped off to someone. Sometimes even an apology doesn't fix the problem.

    So try very hard to be patient, to find ways to keep from getting cross, and to think about how other people will perceive your loss of serenity.

  • 11 months ago

    Get better and more sleep at night. Exercise regularly to increase your energy level. Eat when you need to eat. Take better care of yourself, basically.

  • 11 months ago

    You can't help getting tired, but you can certainly avoid being hungry.

    Keep a few high-protein snacks to hand - a small chicken leg, a boiled egg, a cube of cheese - and eat one as soon as you're hungry. Don't forget that your irritability may also be caused by dehydration, so have a drink of water along with your snack, and in a few minutes you'll feel much, much better.

  • 12 months ago

    Try eating something before engaging with others, maybe you're a little hypoglycaemic

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  • Ann
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    12 months ago

    Have you had a good medical checkup lately? It sounds as if you might be on the verge of being diabetic. I would carry something in my purse (such as a protein bar--not just a sweet) to perk you up when you feel that way. If you tire after walking a block, there is definitely something to check on.

  • 12 months ago

    Think nothing of the mental pain. When I'm hungry and tired inside, I keep busy.

  • Foofa
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    12 months ago

    Keep snacks in your bag so you don’t get so “hangry” during the day.

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    Eat a Snickers bar.

  • Pearl
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    12 months ago

    just eat enough and sleep enough

  • 12 months ago

    Unless you have a medical problem or are a toddler, this should not be a such a serious, dramatic issue. Healthy, mature adults do not behave this way. What do you expect? Every time you get hungry or tired, does every one around you need to stop what they are doing, get you a snack and juice box, and bring you a blankie so you can take a nap? Do they also need to throw in a pacifier? If you really think you have a problem beyond your control such as a medical problem, see your doctor. Otherwise, time to grow up. We all get tired and hungry. It's called being human. As adults, we learn to deal with it.

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