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He makes me feel worthless.?

My child’s father makes me feel like **** every chance he gets. I haven’t been working due to him causing me to lose my job back in May & ever since then he’s been providing for me. The thing is though I’ve been looking for a job for months now. My only issue is our son having to go to daycare due to his work schedule. The jobs I’ve applied for start times are at 6am in the morning, daycare opens at 6am & he knows it but still acts as if I’m not trying. I only have warehouse experience as of rn. He says I’m just like his first child’s mother & that he feels like he has 3 kids instead of 2. But the thing is, he dont even take care of his first child.

I put his income before mine in the months of June-July becuz of the circumstances of him being a truck driver. He wanted me to! But now I see that I shouldn’t have. All I’m trying to get him to see is that I am trying but he doesn’t think I am. I can’t make the employers give me a shift later than 6am! Everything he does for me he holds over my head. I do feel like a failure. But I am trying! Just not as hard enough in his eyes. I live with him so he threatens to put me out countless of times. To show my appreciation I cook & clean. Making sure our son is taken care of. I’m not a woman in his eyes nor a mother. He’s on child support for his first child. Her mom doesn’t even contact him about their child anymore becuz of the person he is. But I’m the prob? I got a job that fitted my our sched but they postponed the start date.

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  • People can try to make you feel worthless but that doesn’t make it so.

    You said you have a new job that starts in a week and it correlates with your childcare place. Even though you don’t start this week, that’s still great. Be happy. Worthless people aren’t proactive in their lives. You saw you needed a job and whether you found one right out or not, doesn’t matter, you found it. Be happy and enjoy your accomplishment.

    And I’m sorry for the situation with the baby’s father, but if you’re capable to getting stuff done despite no support from anyone and even him trying to sabotage you, imagine what you can do without anyone trying to stop you or slow you down!

    He can try and make you feel as worthless as he wants but when you recognize your success and see yourself as Jehovah God sees you, nothing will stop you.

    Luke 12:7 says: “But even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Have no fear; you are worth more than many sparrows.”

    Just as he takes care of the animals in the world, he too, will take care of you. There isn’t a worthless person on this earth in his eyes.

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  • Foofa
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    Don't limit yourself to warehouse jobs as you may have to take something else for a while. If you could find something with flexible hours, even if it's just part time, you'd be better off than you are and could try to arrange to get the vocational training you know you'll need to have to ever gain any control over your life. You picked the wrong guy to have a child with of course but you can't go back and change that now. You have to look forward to the time when your kid will be in school and you'll be earning enough to not need a thing (but basic child support) from his father. Even a part time medical tech or dental assistant earns more than a full-time warehouse worker.

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  • Alan H
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    5 months ago

    Nobody can make you feel worthless unless you allow it.

    Value yourself

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