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Does my moms boyfriend have anger issues? And should I tell her?

Well first of all, I work with my moms boyfriend as a constructor. One day he threw his new phone 3x because a update kept popping up. He had thrown it off the roof lol even at the truck. Anyway, today we played some fun, we all have a little bit of fun, you know. Anyway, he got mad and tried to chase me and I ran a bit so he whipped a drill at me and it almost hit me (would have hit me if I didnt move again). He did it with alot of force, kind of like how you would throw something at a burglar or theif. (Like in movies, 😅) anyways, what should I do? He told me that someone would get me if I wanted to go home, so I assumed he said something. But I feel like he left out the part where he threw a drill that had the intention to hit me? I mean, who throws things at people without meaning to hit them?? (unless tossing it to them, but this was whipped.) Idk I have anxiety, so It scared me so much. I was in tears most of the day.

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  • Ludwig
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    11 months ago

    You and your mom are both mad. Leave her and leave your job.

  • 12 months ago

    You do need to tell your mom because this is not normal behaviour for an adult. This guy could have hurt you badly, he basically tried to assault you. So yes, please tell her and don't hang out with him alone again. This guy is dangerous

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