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is it possible to be well rounded in martial arts ( stand up striking and ground grappling" by training in one class?

like a jiujitsu class that incorperates striking,is that good enough? or do i need to do boxing or mauay thai on in a seperate class? if theres strikes in the jiujitsu classes, then are the strikes any good or not the best? (jab,hook,upper cut ect) also, whats the difference in dojos,and gyms? is one better then the other?which has better training and more "brutal"techniques?

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    It depends on the style, and your goals. There are many hybrid martial arts that teach basic techniques in multiple fighting ranges. Drilling and mastering those techniques should be plenty for self defense. But if you want to be a truly eclectic martial artist: Find schools with skilled practitioners in multiple styles. You may not have to pick separate schools for this to be fair. Lots of MMA and modern hybrid schools have groups of instructors with different backgrounds.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Your definition of well rounded is flawed. Beside grappilng and striking

    You have varoius striking ranges, then there is also weapons, and enviormental and terrain. Fighting on ice, stairwells use diffrent tacticts.

    The short answer is yes and no. It depends how you train.

    • Steel
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      I like this answer. People rarely discuss the different ranges: projectile weapons, long-range weapons, mid-range weapons, short-range weapons, kicking/striking, in-fighting, grappling, and ground.

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