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Sasha asked in HealthWomen's Health · 9 months ago

How long does it take lymph nodes to go down in size ? It’s 3.7 CM , please help ?

Toddler with 3.7 cm swollen gland in groin it’s been there since Approx 20 days ago, at least that is when I noticed it. After one round of antibiotics it is still there. It has not gotten larger, all work came back normal range. Ultrasound just says enlarged gland and size. Referred to a general surgeon and she says we need to watch and wait. Her pediatrician doesn’t like that opinion and we are being sent to a children’s hospital. Anyone have experience with this ? Thanks! I’m really worried that it could be malignant after reading online but I’m trying to stay off. But being sent to a hematologist is pretty scary.

1 Answer

  • Elle
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    9 months ago

    Life is scary. We scare each other! We're NOT medical people. Baby is not going to die.

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