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How is in a concert when there are 2 singers?

I’m going to the Kelsea Ballerini and Hunter Hayes concert and this is my first concert. I wanted to go specifically for Hunter Hayes however, I don’t know if because her name is first, that it’s mostly her concert and he’s only making an appearance or if it’s an equal amount of singing for both. I know they’ll probably sing some songs together but I didn’t even know who kelsea was until I saw that Hunter was going to be in concert, and so I don’t know any of her songs. Of course it’ll still be an enjoyable experience either way, buuut I don’t want to drop money if it’s mostly for her... help lol

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  • Nancy
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    3 months ago

    Top billing means that it's that person's concert, that they're the main act. When a second artist is listed, it means that that is the opening act. An opening act typically goes on for about an hour or so before the main act, which is usually a couple hours.

  • Speed
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    3 months ago

    Typically, one musician or band is the opening act, playing for 30-45 minutes, then there's a long break while they break down their drum kit and other instruments and set up for the next act, which takes 20-40 minutes. The headliner, or main act, plays for 90 minutes or more, sometimes calling out the opening act to join them for a song or two.

    When it's two well-known bands or musicians, it's not always obvious who's the headliner and who's the opener, but one way to tell is which name is in larger lettering in any advertising.

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