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what’s a good play monologue i could use for an audition?

i’m auditioning for my highschool musical, the little mermaid, and i need to pick a monologue from a play to present. last year i did luisa’s much more monologue from the fantastics, and i ended a great role. what’s something similar i could do this year?

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    It depends on what you want to show yourself as to your directors. What part do you want to be casted as? If so, have the directors seen you act that way before? What age were you casted as last year? At my high school the upper classmen are the adults.

    1) "Eleemosynary," A Full-Length Play by Lee Blessing

    I did a monologue from this show last November as the girl when she was competing in the spelling bee. She was whiny but very outgoing. I enjoyed how I could see/show how my character processed the actions of those around her.

    2) Abagail - The Crucible : One monologue she is a 17 y/o in love with an adult.

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