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Why is my guinea pig so angry?

I've had my female guinea pig for about 3 years now and shes been very moody and crabby lately. I only have her so she is alone. I known this isn't recommended but she's a very territorial alpha female and pairing her with other pigs doesn't work. She's been alone since I've had her so maybe shes used to it? Everything else is fine, she's eating, she's clean and healthy but she chatters her teeth a lot and bites me. Any advice or tips?

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    Certainly under some stress, may be piggie version of menopause or heat. Biting is likely doing something that scares her or really annoys her. Maybe spend more time with her just letting her do her thing. Chasing, grabbing or picking them up, they don't like. Forcing them against their will to do or not do something they want or don't doesn't work.

    Less stress when they have freedom to come and go as they choose and have places to hide.

    They always need their hay to chew, their teeth get too long, that can be problematic.

    My trio were rescues, one never got past shy, but would still come for a treat or cuddle next to me under a shirt nibbling hay. Takes time and patience with these little animals.

    • Nathan
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      Have u tried a neutured male and female/s? She'll only get along with other girls if a neutured male is there to control the hiarchy. Shhe is probably depressed, hence mood problems. Chattering is a way of showing she's not happy. If you smell like food or startle her she will bite you

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    It may have issues. Seek out the help of a pet psychologist as soon as possible.

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  • 11 months ago

    I suggest googling and reading up on guinea pig behavior. You may get a few opinions and some bad attitude and negative comments here, but probably not really any useful information.

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  • 11 months ago

    maybe you should get your vet to check her out, she could be in pain for something

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