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What side EMTB should I buy??

I'm interested in buying an electric mountain bike and I'm in-between a L and XL...

Th specific bike I am interested in is offered in a L 47cm (18.5") and an XL 50cm (19.7").

I'm about 6'1" so I'm in-between sizes and not sure which size I should go with. I'm currently riding a 19" size L bike and it seems to be a good fit.

Unfortunately, test riding both of these isn't possible as I'm ordering online. My gut is leaning towards the 50cm, what do you guys think? Is it better to lean on the smaller side or the larger side?


What size EMTB should I buy??

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  • 12 months ago

    Normally, it's better to go with the smaller size. Easier to adapt or adjust a smaller bike to fit. Write, call or email the company. Give them your exact measurements. Height, torso length, leg length, arm length, everything.

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