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My mother is a very bad human being with tries to control my relationships. How do I break free of her?

I’m an adult living on my own but obviously if it’s my mother I’m going to bump into her sometimes if I want to relationship for the rest of my family.

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    3 months ago
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    You need to make yourself very emotionally strong and prepare yourself to expect the unexpected from your mother always. Even getting yourself into therapy just to keep your mental health in check as a safety measure to protect your mind in the future. Sometimes you've got to avoid that person who is too toxic no matter what part they play in your life. No one is more important than your your own peace of mind and health. Family who love and understand you will make an effort to meet you when shes not there. If shes a very bad human being you need to avoid her at all costs.

    • Tony3 months agoReport

      you meet my dad he a lot like that

  • Pearl
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    3 months ago

    just talk to her about it

  • 3 months ago

    just dont see her until she decides to change

  • 3 months ago

    When your mom confronts you and demands you do what she says just smile, nod your head, and say "Yes mom, you were right. I will do it your way" Then go live your life the way you want to. YOU will succeed or fail by how you live. Ignore her.

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  • 3 months ago

    I don't understand how she can be controlling you if she has no authority over you. You can't stop her from trying, but you certainly can keep her from succeeding!

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    My mother is toxic. I haven't spoken to - or seen her - in 12 years. Obviously it's been an issue with my family, but it's the price I have to pay to avoid her.

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