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Rush Limbaugh: “The NY Times is who sets the newsroom agenda for the rest of the Drive-By Media...I’m telling you, folks, do not doubt me.”?

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    I don't know. But I'll take his word for it. Aren't they the ones doing that 1619 thing?

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    Rush has made a fortune appealing to the intellectually lazy. Every time he is caught lying, his excuse is, "I am just an entertainer."

    Although I agree that the NYT has a liberal bias, its bias is usually limited to the editorial page.

    PS: In 2016, 99+% of US newspapers did not endorse Donald Trump.

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    Rush Limbaugh is one of the most dangerous people in media and has caused untold damage to the united states.

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    Most stories originate from Reuters or the Associated Press, but some media outlets do their own investigating.

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    Rush Limbaugh??? Is he still alive??

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