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Is Mexico really that bad to where people cross miles to come to America?

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    Mexico is a lovely country- if you have money. That's why thousands of people from the US retire to Mexico- it's got a great climate, good food, and inexpensive housing. But there are few job opportunities for poor people with little education. Mexico has been investing in education, so the number of people trying to leave Mexico has declined dramatically. Most of the asylum seekers now are from Honduras and Guatamala, countries that have been torn by government corruption and crime.

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      My cousins in Mexico City live like royalty. Gypsyfish is right, it's all about having the money to live well. Mexico is also rapidly developing a middle class and isn't universally bad any more than the US all looks like impoverished Appalachia. It's a big and diverse place.

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    Mexico It is the worst country in the world

    * 50 million poor people

    * extreme violence

    * drug poster

    * 100 murders per day

    *  corruption

    * extortion

    * kidnapping

    * cannibalism

    * killer children

    This is Mexico .. mexiHELL ...

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    Very few Mexicans are entering the U.S. unlawfully. Most illegal immigrants are from Central America. Mexico is in North America.

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    To prove America is a better place than Mexico is as offensive as trying to prove that Americans are nicer than Mexicans. In fact, it's actually a little like saying that it's easier to learn foreign languages than English.

    As for the Mexican government, it seems more interested in sending Mexican immigrants to third-world hellholes than in sending them in to America. The most recent "migration" statistics from Mexico show that immigrants arrived in 2011, more than ever. The number of Mexicans leaving for the U.S. reached record highs last year, reaching a shocking 2.9 million for the first time. That's more than double the number of Mexicans leaving for Canada, Britain and Australia combined. The United States was the country receiving the third-most immigrants in 2011.

    What might be the most important reason they're leaving is not illegal drug traffickers, corruption or political instability. Americans tend to be generous by far, providing them with opportunities beyond the reach of most other immigrants.

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    Mexico is one of the poorest nations in Latin America. Millions starve and many who cross miles to get to America or Canada or whatever, come from Central America as well, such as Guatemalans, Hondurans, Salvadorans, etc.

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