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Could I be pregnant?

TMI for some-

I got my IUD out July 24th with no bleeding or cramping aftetwards. My husband and I immediately tried to conceive for awhile not knowing that it would have been best to wait until at least my first menstrual period. My period was very irregular on the BC(if I even got my period at all). My last period while on the IUD was June 1st, before that I cant remember. I have had no bleeding since the removal of the IUD.

I noticed my breasts did get a little sore for a few days a couple of weeks ago but not anymore. Yesterday I used the restroom and noticed brown, very thin blood on the TP. I read that Implantation blood usually is dark brown to even black, I am also experiencing mild cramping. I used the restroom again today with still brown blood, but is now turning a little red. I am not sure if I should consider this Implantation or a period?? I am getting a pregnancy test today and I wasn't going to take it until tomorrow morning but don't know if I should wait longer to take it? I am so, so confused and I absolutely hate not knowing if I've got a bun in the oven or just my period starting up after the IUD removal. Any tips, personal or medical advice would be so much appreciated!!!!!!! TIA

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    Could you be pregnant? Yes, if you've been having unprotected sex. Is it likely? No. Implantation bleeding is so very, very light that 90% of all women don't notice it. Your "symptoms" are in line with PMS, not early pregnancy. Again, for 90% of all women there are NO symptoms of early pregnancy before a missed period.

    READ the instructions on your MPT. Most recommend using "first" urine in the AM -- which will have the highest level of HCG hormone. I'd also suggest that it may be too early to test. If you tst before there is enough HCG in your system, you'll get a negative reading. You might be wise to wait another week to see if your current bleeding turns into a period. It will also give you time to talk to your doctor.

    Please contact your Ob/Gyn's office and talk with them. If your IUD had hormones (like Mirena) it could be at least a month before you ovulate. No ovulation means no chance of pregnancy. If you have conceive, bleeding you can see on th TP two days in a row might be an indication of spontaneous miscarriage. About 25% of all conceptions end this way -- most women don't even know because it seems like a period.

    Advice would be as follows:

    1. Relax. Most couples try for several months before they conceive. Enjoy the process but don't expect conception on day 1.

    2. Ask your Ob/Gyn more questions. They should have given you detailed instructions about using condoms for the first month at least and allowing your natural hormones and cycle to return. You and your partner should also be following a conception "diet" that would include stopping drugs, alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine as well as you being on prenatal vitamins.

    3. Get books out of the library on conception and pregnancy and read them. You shouldn't rely on websites for information.

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      Thank you so much.

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    what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have a IUD..... what stoneage country do you live in

    Source(s): they havent been used in my clinic since the 1970s
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