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Are these synastry aspects good for a long term relationship?

I read that Saturn, Venus and Moon aspects can determine a committed relationship and mars can symbolize sexual relationship. I have some harmonious aspects with him and they include....

My Venus Trine His Venus

My Venus Trine His Moon

My Saturn Trine His Venus (exact aspect)

My Saturn conjunct his Moon

My Venus Conjunct his North Node (exact aspect)

There are also hard and harmonious mars aspects such as...

My Mars square his Venus (exact aspect)

My ascendant conjucnts his Mars

His Saturn trines my Mars

My Mars trines his Pluto

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    Saturn is also about seriousness, and can mean loyalty. It also means responsibility and limitation, at best ... and coldness and rejection at worst.

    Mars is about how we take action, and humans take action because they want something. So Mars includes sex, but only because sex is something we want and take action to try to get. Mars is also about assertion, and always carries with it the possibility of aggression.

    Now, you have your Ascendant conjunct his Mars. This indicates lasting physical and emotional attraction, BUT it is also found in lasting relationships where the Mars person becomes psychologically or even physically abusive to the Ascendant person.

    What makes a relationship work is NOT the harmonious aspects, but how much each person has mastered there own emotional responses.

    You see .. no one is perfect, so no relationship will be perfect either. Once the honeymoon phase has died out each person starts to annoy the other, creating hurt/anger.

    And ALL synastry comparisons have hard aspects too.

    What makes or breaks a relationship, what makes it work is NOT how much love there is (love is only 11% of what makes it work).

    If is how well each person can face their own emotional hurt/anger and work with their OWN emotions, instead of pushing their partner to change. The more they can accept each other and remain gentle and respectful, the better the odds that the relationship will last.

    This is an extremely difficult task, since only 12.5% of all married couples manage to reach the point of accepting each other AND it takes them about 20 years.

    So stop focusing on all the good stuff .. that won't help you one bit if one of you is not emotionally mature and able to not get upset by things in life. A good way to tell .. how do they react to rude drivers on the road? How do they handle annoyances and inconvencience? How much do they blame others or situations for their own failure to "keep cool" emotionally?

    Mars square Venus means emotional and sexual incompatibility. The sextiles and trines are nice, but not controlling factors. Conjunctions, square and oppositions are the strong influences.

    It will take you two, at the longest, about 2-4 years of living together before the problems start to surface and bother you both, and eat away at the cohesiveness of the relationship. This is why the majority of divorces happen between 1-3 years into the marriage (although 5-7 and 12-15 are also high points for divorces ... different stages of marriage).

    The sooner problems arise, the worse they will be after that 2-4 year period of living together has passed.

    But understand that astrology is only an influence, and that people can grow and change. Accordingly there is NO way astrology can predict if the two of you can make it work, long-term. All this synastry here shows is that there is the desire to make it work, but that doesn't mean it WILL work. THAT depends on your emotional self-mastery and his self-mastery ... as well as how inherently kind and considerate and honorable both of you are (which also ties into how much self-mastery we have).

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