Need input on this please thanks?

Basically i met this girl in summer class. We started hanging out and i grew feelings for her.

I asked her out 2 weeks ago and said shes not sure because she just got out of relationship and i said thats understandable. She eventually said she will give it a shot after class starts which is in monday.

Then friday we hungout, we talked about the dating thing again and said she doesnt see us long term because of culture clash. Shes indian and im south east asian. She also doesnt wanna be attached because due to her past experience, it didnt end up well so she doesnt wanma go through that during school. Shes attracted to me she says because of how i fit i am and she was surprised when i told her im attracted to her.

She also told me shes a mess and i deserve way better than her. I made her elaborate on it and she got emotionaning it. Then she hugged me like pretty tight after the talk.

What should i do from here... im so broken

FWB an option?

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  • Pyrus
    Lv 6
    12 months ago

    OK, here is your chance. You didn't notice it, but in your case it just got revived stronger. Talk to her again, and tell her you are willing to do this no matter how hard things will get, and ask her what exactly had happened in her past relationship so that they can be fixed in this one. Cultural clash is nothing to worry about. Since you do like her this much, things like culture won't affect you. Try all possible scenarios where you two can be together. You two really like each other, and such emotions should know no boundaries. At the very least do what you can to keep in touch with her like using Skype, other Video call types, etc.

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