how do you react to people who appear to get off on & ridicule your situation?

in public i'm often uptight, have bad nerves and anxiety and can also feel agitated because i deal with ptsd related anxiety and a personality disorder...and i struggle with my self confidence and get very self conscious about it all, and about myself...and i try hard to hide my nervousness and fear and hold it together whilst out in public.

before i was at the supermarket, and i often catch people looking at me, but try and ignore it....but before whilst passing through an aisle, some supermarket employees and a security guard who was around me in the aisle were laughing with each other, nearly falling about themselves....and i felt as though they were laughing at me and in on some joke?

and i felt very annoyed, as i try to hold it together, carry on with honour as my life is hard enough as it is.....i responded by not looking at them, holding in my anger and moving on.

but that situation made me think, are people laughing and getting off on my situation? paranoia crept in and i thought; do people publicly know my business?

about my description ; i'm a man aged 41, white, have a moustache, i'm bald with a shaved head, and wear hoodies a lot.

in spite of my problems, i'm very proud and try to hide my nerves and anger, i don't want anyone knowing about me...and mind my own business.

how do i deal with this situation?

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  • 11 months ago

    I have a hard time believing this is at all true, but this is plainly paranoia. I don't see why people would go around checking you out or talking about or laughing at you (or doing this to anyone)

    You are what you believe you are. If you believe you're going to improve your mental health, you will do it.

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  • 11 months ago

    go up to them and shout at them. or maybe not, i think what u really need is help

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