What should I do about a guy I have been talking to who is moving away to grad school?

I just graduated college and I began talking to a guy who I was on the same track and field team as. We became pretty close and hung out quite a bit over summer. However, he is moving to Colorado for grad school (we are from PA) and I don’t know what to do about it. We aren’t “dating” but we have definitely been acting like we are together. He is a super shy kid and I don’t want to freak him out by bringing anything up.... I’m also worried he will lose interest in me while he is gone, or find interest in someone else. I know we are both young and probably naive, but I am just seeking some advice!

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  • 6 months ago

    Perhaps he's not aware that you're gay too. You're going to have to drop hints.

    • Ashley6 months agoReport

      Lol he’s a male and I am a female so that’s not the issue haha

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