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Guy ditches me for another girl & gets dumped by his New GF. Now he is asking me to support him!!?

There's a guy That I met through twitter .We have been friends since 2 years. From day 1 he has been very attracted to me & he proposed me within 5 months without even meeting me. I told him clearly that I am not interested in dating anyone due to the emotional issues I have because of family problems. He then proposed me again but i did not respond..He would praise my beauty Initially & at the same time he would flirt with other pretty girls publicly on twitter & praise them but he never praised me publicly which is why i felt suspicious. a few months ago i told him about my abusive dad & that i lived a very stressful life & now i am focusing on career & my dad is forcing me to marry a guy of his choice. I expressed him how domestic violence has shattered my belief in marriage & love & that i feel very exhausted & I need to find a job first. he then began ignoring me by acting busy,he would make me wait if i had to speak to him on skype. Then a month ago he acted nasty & made a cold remark on my new profile picture. after i express how my dad was abusing me ,he immediately reveal that he found a new chick & they are BFF & chat daily & she's very special. He also tells our boss to make her birthday special. then few days later he tells me had a fight with her & that i should block him because she might enquire about him. & that he's upset. yesterday he revealed me that he is in love with her & wants to discuss his issue on skype. he acted very attentive


he revealed he wanted to marry her whereas a few days ago he said he dislikes commitment & can't talk to lover daily.the girl told him her ex died so she can't love anyone & told him to move on..but he's stuck on her & he's bragging about her beauty & was expressing how happy he is with her & says he will meet her soon. He also said she was lying about her ex & he's forcing her to marry him. He played with my feelings & now he is bragging about his new GF to me & taking my advice to impress her

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    Either tell us what your question is, and why you're wasting any time on this guy, or admit that you're a troll.

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    • Katie6 months agoReport

      now he does not calls me beautiful..but he keeps bragging how beautiful that girl is. he is trying to make me feel low & he praises other girls i am afraid he is not a trustworthy guy & he can misuse any information i shared with him..we are from same workplace..

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  • 6 months ago

    Have read Vampire Academy, I think you would get a lot out of it.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Respect and obey all man.

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