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What are the main ways in which Breath Of The Wild continually inspires players to want explore its vast world? Why those?

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  • John
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    10 months ago
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    speaking from my own experience, the beautiful and varied locations make me want to explore. i may see something in the distance like a tower or a lake or a mountain and decide to go over there and see what i can find.

    quests are also a good reason to explore. breath of the wild has a lot of characters and i like talking to everyone because it's one of the only games to have a good variety of npcs of each species, each gerudo or zora looks different and they all have a name so each one is an individual. naturally i'll get sent on many quests by talking to them.

    and the last main thing that makes me want to explore is the equipment breaking system and cooking system. since weapons break, i'm always on the lookout for more. this gives me good reason to raid enemy camps and look for the hidden chests in shrines. the cooking mechanic is very beneficial because the combat can be pretty difficult, so i also explore for food and other resources to make combat easier in case i'm in a tough spot

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