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New pup and worried about Parvo?

My brother bought an 8 week old puppy (9 weeks now) and she doesn't have any of her vaccinations. They're scheduled for next week. I have an older dog who of course is up to date on all of his. But I want to take my dog on walks. Is it possible for him to bring the Parvo virus home to the new pup (we walk on trails, etc., where many other dogs have been), or is this something I shouldn't be too worried about?


Well, I owe you all a massive thank you for your responses. I showed him and he's made an appointment for 4pm today! Thanks, guys :)

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  • 4 months ago
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    Your brother is a FOOL! Nobody (in their right mind) allows a vet to put them off for 2 weeks.... to see and exam a newly bought puppy. If the vet were to find the puppy had any congenital DEFECT any puppy lemon laws to allow him to return it or to get any REFUND would be OVER.

    In addition, every single day this puppy goes UNPROTECTED by starting its vaccinations (not to mention flea & heart worm prevention) mean yes, it can become exposed to Parvo & come down with it. Parvovirus is HIGHLY FATAL with 80% death rates in those who are NOT vaccinated or incompletely vaccinated. (Puppies REQUIRE at least 3 spaced out -boosters against parvo & distemper before 16 weeks).

    It takes TWO WEEKS from the time of the 1st shot to build immunity & the mother's antibodies "RUN OUT" as to protection at 7 weeks (which is WHY most *reputable* BREEDERS make sure the the puppies GET THEIR FIRST VACCINATION THEN, when they go in for a physical health exam & signed letter to that FACT - from the vet before the sale).

    Yes, your dog, and you (or your brother) or anybody in the home CAN TRACK.... PARVOVIRUS or DISTEMPER VIRUS home on their feet or shoes. Putting OFF a vet visit, is NOT ADVISABLE!

    • LOL
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      Thank you! I will show him this. He won't listen to me, but maybe he will listen to all these replies!

  • Anna E
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    4 months ago

    Not only can your dog bring in Parvo, if you walk and come into contact with the feces of a parvo infested dog, you can bring the virus home on your shoes.

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    The puppy won't be through with its shots until two weeks after the last shot. Puts the pup about 17 weeks old & then you do not have to worry about parvo. Some stupid ignorant a&&holes BYBers sell sick puppies so you have to be very careful of who you buy from. Always take any new dog to a Vet before you even take it home. Lemon law applies to puppies too. If you find anything wrong with the pup you have 3 days or 72 hours to return a defective pup back to the breeder. You deserve a healthy pup & not have to spend major bucks on a sick pup. That is why you take a pup/dog in to see a Vet right away cause the window closes after 3 days.

  • Maxi
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    4 months ago

    Yes it is possible for the adult dog to bring parvo into the home, however ANYONE can also bring it in on their shoes.......

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  • 4 months ago

    i would ask your vet about this

  • 4 months ago

    Very good for you to think of this! Yes, it is possible for Parvo to be tracked into a home or yard from a public setting (by a vaccinated dog) and passed to an unvaccinated dog. However, this doesn't necessarily mean you must limit your dog's activities. Your brother can limit his puppy's exposure to Parvo and other illnesses by keeping her confined to an area where only she will be. In other words, until she is vaccinated, your dogs should be kept quarantined. Each should have their own places to potty, eat, sleep and play. And, unfortunately, contact between the two should be kept at a minimum.

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    Yes it is something to be worried about. When we had puppies around, we limited where we took the rest of the gang until the puppies had their vaccination even if our pups were not where our adults were. It certainly is possible for other dogs in the family to bring infection in - as it is for YOU to walk something like Parvo in on your SHOES.

  • 4 months ago

    Yes, you should be worried. And why are you waiting a week to take the new puppy to a veterinarian? Even after you start vaccinating, it takes time to build immunity- it won't be instant.

    Your puppy should be kept inside on a bleachable surface until he's had at least the first few vaccinations in the series. If you take her anywhere else, she should be held off the ground.

    • sister got an adorable GS puppy from a friend who lied about getting her vaccinated. So she didn't take her to the vet immediately, and the pup got Parvo from a neighbor's dog THRU THE FENCE. It was awful!

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