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Gem asked in Arts & HumanitiesBooks & Authors · 9 months ago

What is the name of the pocket-sized book about Mel Gibson and descriptions and pictures of movies he was in?

Hoping there’s someone out there that can help me. It’s incredibly random, but I don’t suppose there is anyone who either has/had the book or knows what I’m talking about? I had it, can’t find it and can’t remember any details on title or author or publication company. It’s not a recent publication - mid to late nineties or early 00s as it had the info about the movie Forever Young in and that was released in ‘92. I don’t remember if it was just about films, or a bit about his general life in too. It was a small book, I’m sure it was pocket-sized. Any clues as to what it was called, I’d really appreciate it!

1 Answer

  • 9 months ago

    Was it quite small, maybe three by four inches? I have one of those for an actor I was crushing on in the same era, with pictures on every page, an abbreviated bio, and film credits. I bought it spur of the moment and it didn't really contain anything I couldn't get online at the time. Some of what it says is wrong, addressed by Mr. Crush himself.

    My little book was no more than 24 pages, with a shiny pink cover. If yours sounds similar, I can dig it up (maybe!) and see who published it. That's probably the same as yours.

    Edit: I'll take a look around and see if I can find my book. If I do, I'll edit again to share who the publisher was.

    • Gem9 months agoReport

      Yeah that sounds similar! It was a conversation with my mum earlier on today that triggered the memory - I was obsessed with the thing when I was little, I would look at it all the time, I remembered that all of a sudden, funny how memories work like that. That would be super helpful, thank you!

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