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I’m from Bulgaria, my parents and grandparents are Bulgarian, my heritage is completely Bulgarian but I never felt like a Bulgarian. Ever since I was little I felt British, I always had crushes on British celebrities and always watched English movies and cartoons and only listened to English songs, I didnt care much about Bulgarian movies and music. At school I always liked English subject the most and history about England. When I told my family and friends that I dont feel Bulgarian but British they got offended and said that i’m a racist against my own country and that its offensive to my background and my own people. Only my mother understands me, I dont mean to be offensive or racist, its just the way I feel, i’m not ashamed of my background or anything, i’m proud to be Bulgarian but I just dont feel Bulgarian.When we went for the first time to UK last year we went to London and I immidiately felt like I was home, it felt like I belong there, I was so happy and on my final day of the holiday I wanted to cry almost when we went back to Bulgaria cause I missed UK so much even though I have never been there.All my family members have dark hair, dark eyes and tanned skin like most Bulgarians have, i’m the only one with blonde hair, blue eyes and a pale skin which is a typical British look.My mother understands me and says that I could perhaps have been British in my past life, could it be possible? If not why do I love it and miss it so much? Even feeling like I am British.

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