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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicCelebrities · 10 months ago

What do you think about Shawn Mendes being the most recent social media target?

Canadian singer, songwriter and model Shawn Mendes has now come under fire for racially insensitive tweets dating back to 2012 when he was fourteen.

In response Mendes stated "A lot of things just need to be moved on from, but I also think that the things that [you] saw, like I had friends when I was 14 who would like take my phone and post things of them because they thought it was funny that I had like 2,000 followers and it was this big thing, and they’d post photos of themselves and at the time I was just like not thinking about it. I had no idea I was going to have 50 million followers, which doesn’t make it any better. But um, yeah totally I apologize for everything insensitive I said in the past, but with that being said yeah I think that’s not my personality."

People have since label his response "Immature and pathetic".

Can we shut down Twitter yet...

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago
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    No one who's sane cares about any of that social media cancelling insane-bullsh!t. It's just a way to bully people.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Never heard of him.

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