Driving from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls through Zimbabwe... is this safe?

I have been living in South Africa through a study abroad program, and some friends and I are planning a long road trip to Victoria Falls. We're planning to rent a car in Johannesburg and drive up from there. We would drive up through Zimbabwe and back through Botswana, or vice-versa so that we can see as much of Southern Africa as possible. I'm a little concerned about Zimbabwe; I've heard police roadblocks are ubiquitous and they'll find every possible reason to fine you or force you into bribing them. Is this true?

What are we in for if we decide to traverse Zimbabwe by car? Should we opt to drive through Botswana both ways? Our entire group is comprised of Americans, so that makes me even more concerned that they'll foresee that we have extra money to spare.

1 Answer

  • Mark
    Lv 7
    3 months ago

    It's safe, especially in daytime.

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