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Is he just being nice?

He is a guy in my school ( a year ahead of me) and we met previously at a party and we chatted for a bit. Now whenever he sees me at school he always says hi and he tried to talk to me once about school. Yesterday, I was at the library reading and when I looked up I noticed he was looking at me, so he waved and smiled. Is he trying to be friend or is he interested

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    It can go either way. You can wait until he makes a move or you could ask him directly what his intentions are.

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  • 11 months ago

    Well, he's not UN-interested is he or he wouldn't be waving and smiling and saying Hi to you. Say Hi back and have a chat with him and you might find you like him more than you thought you would. Keep it nice and casual and see what transpires. If he asks you out for a coffee - would you say yes?

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