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Do motorcycle tires have to "break in"?

I just got two new Dunlops, they feel Weird. I've bought old, used and new tires in the past, for my Honda and my Harley, a new Kenda and an old , used Shinko. They felt Fine from day one. Are Dunlops Like this, nowadays, or are they defective?


I found 32 PSI front, 40, back. Technically, this is for 2-up. I reduced them to 30/36, as book says. The slippery feel of the front is still there. But, only 29 miles on them.

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    Check the tire pressure, a few times I've had the pressure too high because the installer seated the tire to the rim at high pressure and didn't adjust it down to proper levels.

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    • Idiots don't have to know what they're talking about to get 17% best answer, they just have to answer their own questions. They do have to be broken in, and this so called answer doesn't even address that.

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    Don't take the book and do not read the sticker, because recommendations of tire manufacturers are higher then from motorcycle compagnies. It is for comfort and selling the bikes but I think also for selling new ones within the year that service is being done. A new tire can be out of shape, where one can then try a higher pressure. Without knowing the bike do 40 up front, as long as the front seems round. The tire will definitely get another shape because of it. Another thought: my booklet says 32 psi up front and at the rear 42/44. So that is little more. At a bad shape the tire requires correction after road twists and one feels the bike drops sideways when you come to stop. Correct me when this is not your problem and

    And yes, the rubber gets hardened and that is in the 200 miles where you should be careful and not ride on high speed either. Especially it hardens when road was wet. Good thing you did not ride thousands of miles. The slippery (like on ice) wax and the dirt that sticks to it will be gone in hundreds also. That is obviously more visible. There is nothing with Dunlops. Internet traders sometimes offer customer reviews that help make a suitable choice.

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    Could be different compound than what you are used to. Could be softer which give more traction with a shorter lifespan, or harder and better for longevity.

    The 50-100 mile 'takin' it easy' is a good idea, as is warming up the tires before hitting highway speed. You'll see riders weaving slowly after they start off, that is intended to have more of the tire in contact with the road and warm/soften a bit for better traction.

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    No, they do not require a break-in period. Of course they will feel weird. You went from a worn tire to a new tire. Big difference in ride and handling with the new tire.

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    Yes, take it easy for the first 50-100 miles. No tight cornering, etc.

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