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My kitten is eating and chewing everything.. I even got her a kong its ok so far. what is I a safe toy she can't chew and not destroy or eat?

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  • PR
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    5 months ago

    If a kitten is eating things she should not, she may have worms or other parasites. Have the kitten checked. Often, a kitten or cat will develop a voracious appetite if they have parasites.

    You have not stated the age of the kitten. Do be sure you are feeding the kitten enough and often enough. Under about 12 weeks, a kitten should eat around 3 times per day.

    Cats and kittens also need roughage. Bring in some grass for her to chew on, or buy kitty grass from the store. We get a plant called Dracaena and our cats love that plant.

    Take kitten to the vet.

    • Megan5 months agoReport

      She was checked out she is fine, but I'm looking for toys she cat chew up because kitten teeth and that's what is going on

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  • Blonde
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    5 months ago

    My cat has a box of cat toys, it’s an old box that held a pair of boots. When I play with her, I only use cat toys, not other things. I also bought her a scratching post...she used to scratch the corner of my I put the post there to train her to scratch the post. Now, when she wants to scratch, she goes to her post and I’ve since moved it to another location, my couch is safe. And when she wants to play, she will go to her toy box and grab something. I buy her a new toy every few months, they sell them at the grocery then becomes her favorite. I never had to discipline her, I instead re-direct her. To keep her off the table when I’m making dinner, I pull out a chair for her to sit and watch...I show her what I’m doing..let her sniff food, I talk to her. Cats will do stuff to get must address them immediately. Pick kitten up, and carry her around. Nuzzle her and pet her...then tease her with a toy until kitten focuses on toy instead of other things. Chewing on stuff (not allowed, like cords) is a sign of lack of attention and opinion.

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