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suki asked in PetsBirds · 9 months ago

How do I tame two bonded birds?

A year ago I got a parakeet (Charlie) for my birthday, he used to hangout and watch movies with me and he used to let me pet him. About 5 months ago I got a cockatiel (bobo) I brought him in and put him in his new cage. At the time Charlie was in my room and bobo was in the living room. One day I brought Charlie down to watch TV with me and all he wanted to do was checkout the new bird. So I opened bobos cage and they hung out. I tried to bring Charlie to my room after awhile but he wouldn’t move, and then he started getting agressive. It was getting late so I just shut door. And now he is bonded to her and won’t go near me.

1 Answer

  • 9 months ago

    I would feed them food to get used to you and work your way up.

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