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Should I allow my girlfriend's 12 year old daughter on my prepaid plan so she gets a discount?

I have my reservations about what I did already now my girlfriend is asking if I can put her kid on my phone plan so she gets a discount. I gave her the cheapest basic phone I could find on a Verizon prepaid plan with several months of service. We had a deal that I probably shouldn't have made and at the time that I gave her the phone I felt like she earned it and it would be a good idea for safety. She can call home and let us know where she is or if she needs a ride.

My girlfriend wants her to have a better phone and she asked me to put her on my plan so she gets a discount. Verizon has a prepaid deal right now so if I get a phone and put it on a $45 monthly plan I get 16 GB of data (double data) and if I add her to this plan her line get a $10 discount so she gets 16 GB of her own data for $35 assuming I set up autopay. When I inquired at the Verizon store, they told me I need to be on an Unlimited consumer plan and add her on a Just Kids plan so we are looking at maybe $80 for my line and $55 for hers plus device payments. They feel giving a prepaid plan to a kid is dangerous because we have no control over who she calls and texts or what she does with her data. I didn't know it but the new LTE basic phones can be used as a hotspot so she can connect her 10" tablet to her phone.

What do you think about allowing my girlfriend's 12 year old kid on my plan with a smartphone / basic phone so she gets a discount providing she pays me for it?


I'm just trying to avoid being responsible when she calls or texts people she shouldn't because we can't put any restrictions on her line.

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    If you're as concerned about this as you sound--or even if you're not--I would speak with someone at the local Department of Children's Services before making a decision.

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    "providing she pays me for it?" LMAO.... Really? So what happens if (WHEN) you break up? The prepaid cheap phone is all that is necessary to call home or keep in contact when necessary. If your girlfriend thinks she needs a better plan - have HER SIGN on the dotted line, NOT YOU. I'm sure you'll do what you do.... but that sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

  • No. Not your kid, not your responsibility to provide them with a phone or a calling plan, or a better phone, etc... That's your girlfriend's problem to deal with, not yours. Why can't your girlfriend get a plan of her own and put her child on that plan and get the discount that way?

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