What UCAT university medicine courses should I apply to?

So I have 4A* 5As and 2Bs at GCSE and I am predicted A*AA in Maths biology and chemistry respectively.

I have just done my UCAT exam and scored:

VR- 540

DM- 630

QR- 680

AR- 690

SJ- band 1

Overall- 2540

I’m also planning on taking the BMAT but which UCAT universities would I have a chance at getting into?

I liked the look of Nottingham, Exeter, Bristol and Cardiff but am unsure if I can get in with my UCAT score, please help!

1 Answer

  • cool
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    6 months ago

    Don't study medicine. it is a satanic hoax based on the torture and murder of vulnerable children.

    Vaccination, ultrasound and all major surgery is a hoax. That is why they call it the operating 'theatre'.

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