Why is SSD drive dont give benefit to video playback experience?

I have been using SSD for two years, and it gives me overall same experience when using HDD to watch my videos.. (I am using SSD as primary disk and HDD as secondary)

I've been wondering why's that?? ofc OS and editing video run faster in SSD, why dont video become smoother then? I am using mid-end GPU GeForce 920M and playing videos using combination of MPC-BE + LAVFilters + MadVR tweak or using MPV if the frames drop too much..

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  • 1 year ago
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    The Geforce 920M is not a mid-end GPU. It is an entry-level mobile GPU from 4 years ago. As I said in my answer to your other question, if your computer isn't fast enough to decode the video, it doesn't matter how fast it can copy the data from the SSD into RAM.

  • 1 year ago

    920m uses nvidia optimus. you must make sure the Optimus database includes the programs that need to use it, otherwise you just end up using the intel gpu. Even then the PLAYER probably only defaults the windows 1st gpu which will always be the Intel one. Playback would improve if the system had a good amount of RAM, eg moe than 4gb so older machines may not be able to benefit much.

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