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Legality on finding abandoned dog?

Long story short. Found the sweetest dog and she was abandoned by someone who was suppose to care for them while these people were away for rehab and the way I have been in contact with the owner(s) has literally been a runaround and no commitment to reuniting these dog in anyway. So I had offered that I can find a good home for this dog or turn her in into an animal rescue group. I don’t want any legal issues as I know dogs are property but I consider them abandonded when they were left on a field left to die by a negligent care taker. Have been in contact with one of their family friend, grandpa and the owner(s) som themselves and they have no initiative or urgency when it comes to getting this dog into a good situation. I did consider taking her into a shelter but the jurisdiction that I found her in leads her to a kill shelter and from the comments I’ve read, they tend to put down older dogs faster and she is a bit aged. I need some advice. What should I do?

In California.

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  • 10 months ago

    There is no such thing as a no kill shelter.

    You have been in contact with owner & owner doesn't seem to want the dog. It was not an abandoned dog if you know who the owners are. & you did exactly what you should have done, look for the owners. If you do not want the dog, find it a home or turn it over to Animal Services.

    When I take in a new dog it is usually an older dog. I do not do puppies. So I would look for an older dog. They do have a chance to be adopted when you surrender the dog. & many people would prefer an older dog.

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      They were never in contact with the owner. They were in contact with the grand and son, neither of them owned the dog. THe dog needs to be taken to a shelter

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  • 10 months ago

    You don't know the dog was abandon. You found a loose dog and took it. That is THEFT. Its not your concern if the owners take the dog and abandon it some where or get rid of it, dogs are property. And again you do not know it was abandoned, you are guessing, the dog could have been stolen, escaped or was accidentally let out.

    Since you KNOW the dog is owned you have to take it to AC or a rescue and turn it over to them and give them the owners address and info then walk away. Its not your dog and not your concern what happens to it.

    The son and grandfather are not the OWNERS and can't claim the dog. You have to give the dog back to its owner or take it to a shelter.

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  • Angie
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    10 months ago

    Report the dog as abandoned to the proper authorities such as a humane society, shelter, police, etc. They will then advise you on how to proceed from that point.

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  • J C
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    11 months ago

    What you need to do is to make the dog legally yours. You cannot determine that the dog has been abandoned, and you need to get - in writing - that they are transferring ownership of the dog to you. Get it signed at a notary if possible. Also have them call the vet and put YOUR name on the vet records. If the dog is microchipped, they will need to transfer the registry of the chip to you. At that point the dog is legally your dog, and you can rehome as you see fit. Your only other option, frankly, is to take the dogs to a shelter and have them contact the owners. You can then offer to take the dog to foster and find a home for. Note that you can take the dog to *any* shelter, not just the one where she was found.

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  • 11 months ago

    If you just find and take, it's theft. If you find, involve your local Shelter. Is all.

    Bottom line, if you can persuade HER OWNERS to sign her over to you (always get it in writing) that would probably be best and avoid the possibility of her being put down in a Shelter. You could let them know that you'd like to be considered in any rehoming situation with this dog.

    Why would a sitter abandon any dog (they - is this more than one dog?)? Sorry not a lot of this makes much sense, to me.

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  • 11 months ago

    CALL a shelter near you, tell them that the dogs were abandoned and if you can come in and show the dogs to them, sign whatever that you are reporting this. Then the shelter will either let you foster them or they will take them and hold them as evidence of abandonment.

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