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hi I’m 14 and I have pubes and stuff but I can’t produce sperm and my right ball won’t go into my ballsack but my left does sometime?

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  • Roddy
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    11 months ago
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    Puberty is a journey, not a single location in time. Your ability to produce semen (including sperm) will come within the next year assuming your testes are in their correct place in your scrotum.

    During early development in the womb, the testes (balls) are both inside the baby's abdomen. They normally descend into the scrotum (ball sack) some time before birth. One of the checks that is made immediately after delivery of a baby boy is that his testes are both in the scrotum. If they are not both descended then further checks are made until he is old enough to safely have an operation (called orchidoplexy) to move them into the scrotum and anchor them there. Note that it is particulalry rare for both testes to be undescended at birth.

    Initially, the scrotum is quite small, as are the testes which sit very close to the body. During puberty the scrotum lengthens (as does the penis) and the testes drop down into it so that they lie at the bottom with significant space above them. (This is what is meant when we say "the balls have dropped".)

    Every child should have a thorough medical checkup around the start of puberty (often done during the last term in the primary school) and again the doctor should check that the testes are both properly in the scrotum for a boy.

    If a testicle remains in the body, rather than being in the scrotum, then it cannot do its job of producing testosterone and sperm. It will tend to atrophy and can become cancerous, which is why proper checks need to be made during childhood and before puberty. If indeed both of your testes are not permanently descended into the scrotum you MUST inform your parents and ask to see the doctor urgently so that the problem can be resolved quickly.

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  • Bucky
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    11 months ago

    With regard to your testicles (balls), you should ask your family doctor to refer you to a specialist who can get the testicles into your scrotum (ballsack). This is important for your health.

    With regard to your semen, here is a prepared text:

    Dry orgasm – First ejaculation.

    Puberty starts with production of certain hormones before physical changes are evident. If pubic hair is present, then puberty started at least a year before it appeared.

    Masturbation should be done in a private place.

    Boys without foreskins may find it harder to masturbate. Guys who don’t have foreskins usually need lubrication to avoid friction irritation. It is optional for guys with foreskins. It is not necessary to retract the foreskin when masturbating.

    It may take you some practice to learn how to stimulate yourself in a way that will produce an orgasm and ejaculation.

    You may see a clear liquid called pre-ejaculate or “pre-***”.

    Many young guys who are just starting puberty find that when they masturbate, from which they derive intense pleasure, they have an orgasm but nothing comes out of their penis (no ejaculation). This is called a dry orgasm.

    When you have an orgasm, you will feel contractions in your prostate area.

    Boys start puberty at different ages so the age of first semen production varies. One has to be in puberty a year or longer before semen production starts, so there is nothing to ejaculate when you first start to masturbate.

    Although the muscle contractions to produce an ejaculation occur, there may be no semen to ejaculate because semen production has not yet started.

    After you have your orgasm, you probably won’t be able to masturbate for a time, because you are in the refractory period.

    Just enjoy your dry orgasms while you wait. You will see some semen come out eventually.

    When semen production does start, there will be only a few drops at first. It usually is clear instead of milky-colored. The quantity increases later and the color changes to milky white. Semen is kind of sticky.

    Some guys just dribble out their semen and some guys shoot it out. Either way is OK.

    After you have an orgasm, the head of your penis will become very sensitive, because you are now in the refractory period.

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    • joe11 months agoReport

      I’m not circumcised, but I do have a rare birth condition called bladder extraphy. My bladder was born outside my body so I’m not sure if that’s effecting anything. But I’ve masterbated a lot like a real lot and I’ve never even had the clear stuff you were talking about.

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  • 11 months ago


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  • Josie
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    11 months ago

    Depends what the "stuff" consists of. If you have pubic hair

    then you are producing testosterone.

    If your balls are migrating up into your body a doctor's check

    is indicated. Don't be shy about telling him your problem.

    You need to know if these bits are working.

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  • Mark
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    11 months ago

    Often, being able to ejaculate is preceded by a wet dream, a few months in advance. Many teens will also have a tiny amount of semen, that builds in volume over time. Your inguinal canal may be on the larger side, in which case your ball can move in and out. Rapid cold will almost always make it retreat.

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  • Tj
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    11 months ago

    See your doctor.

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